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Getting Bail When Jailed For A Probation Violation

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Most non-violent and non-serious crimes will allow for the posting of bail. One major exception, however, is a probation violation. When an individual violates probation, they are generally considered to be at higher risk. It can be very difficult to procure bail during this time, though it is not entirely possible. 

Prove That There Is Little Chance of You Skipping Bail

Whether you have children or simply strong community ties, it's important to show the judge that you are very unlikely to simply flee. Judges consider those on probation high flight risks because they know that they are likely to go back to prison if they show up to court. A judge will need to know that you have more to lose if you leave while out on bail than if you stay through the trial. This can also lead to very high bail amounts, which may necessitate a bondsman.

Ensure That Your Crime Does Not Pose a Danger to Others

If your crime was a violent one or injured someone, it's nearly impossible for you to get bail. You will need to focus on the fact that the crime that you are accused of does not pose a danger to others. Of course, that is not to say that you will admit to the crime -- merely point out that if it did occur, it did not harm anyone. This is especially true for drug-related and possession-related crimes.

Discuss the Probability of a Crime Being Committed Again

Judges are far more likely to offer bail if the individual in question is unlikely to commit the crime again. During this time, you may want to discuss the situation that led up to the events as well as why this situation is not likely to occur again. Your goal is not to argue whether or not you are guilty or innocent but rather to argue whether you are at risk of committing this type of crime presently.

Highlight Prior Good Behavior

If you've previously been on your best behavior, now is the time to bring it up. Judges will consider the history of an individual and whether or not they appear to be truly trying their best.

Of course, the best way to make sure that you get bail -- if at all possible -- is to hire an attorney. Once you do get bail, you can immediately connect with a bail bondsman like Brad's Bail Bonds to get the process started.