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Avoiding Counterfeit Money: 3 Tips For Purchasing Money Detector Pens For The Whole Store

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When running and operating a store, you need to keep an eye out for counterfeit money. In particular, you need to be most wary of any $100 bills that come your way, as they are the most counterfeited bill in circulation. These counterfeits tend to be of a higher quality. In addition, if you accept a counterfeit $100 bill, then your store will take on a larger loss. With that said, you can prevent your cashiers from accepting counterfeit bills by providing them with a money detector pen. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when purchasing these pens.

Purchase the Same Brand and Type of Pen for All Cashiers

You'd be surprised at how many different types and brands of money detector pens that are available for sale. You can find many varieties. With that said, if you have more than one counter open at a time to ring up items, you should provide each cashier with the same brand and type of money detector pen. This is to maintain consistency, so that your cashiers will know which color reactions indicate that the money is suspicious. If you have different money detector pens, they may have different color indicators, and a "light brown" of one pen may look more like a 'medium brown" of another pen.

Look for Pens that Come with a Magnet or a Keychain

Make sure that your cashiers are indeed using the money detector pens by purchasing pens that come with magnets or keychains. This will encourage your cashiers to keep the money detector pens in the same place. If the pens have a magnet attached to them, your cashiers might simply stick them onto the counter. On the other hand, if the pens come with a keychain or lanyard, your cashiers might just keep the pens on their person at all times.

Confirm Suspect Notes Using Ultraviolet Feature

To confirm whether bills that have been marked as suspicious are really counterfeit, look for money detector pens that also come with an ultraviolet feature as well. The ultraviolet feature is used to check for the UV sensitive strip that is often found on bills that were printed recently.


Reduce the amount of losses that your business is subjected to by purchasing equipment and tools like money detector pens that will help you avoid counterfeit money. These pens are fairly inexpensive, but can help you avoid huge losses.