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Three Ways To Invest In Gold And Silver

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Centuries come and go, but the one thing that remains constant is that gold and silver never seem to lose their value. In fact, gold and silver only seem to have gained greater value over the last several hundred years. Once prized by royalty, now everyone can invest in and hold onto these precious metals themselves, regardless of the largess of their pocketbooks. Here are three ways you can personally invest in gold and silver yourself.

Stockpile the Actual Metals

Gold and silver bullion, coins, and nuggets can be bought and hoarded like a dragon's treasure, if you have a mind to invest this way. The best part about investing in these metals this way is that you will have a very nice sizable amount of precious metals that you can sell when the values of these metals skyrocket thirty to seventy years from now. If you do choose to buy the actual metals in whatever form you can find them, you will need to lock them up tight for safekeeping. A biometric safe on your property or a safety deposit box in a bank are your best options. 

Shares in Precious Metals

Stock certificates in precious metals are a more unusual approach to investing in precious metals. It means that you are buying stock in the existing and known amounts of gold and silver in the world and that you might be investing in all future discoveries of gold and silver mines. Your investment funds searching for more mines, but also provides a return on your investment. The stock certificates, in turn, are backed by a percentage of gold or silver, and you can cash them in at any time to receive face value plus any stock value accumulated over the time that you have had the shares.

Precious Metals IRAs

A precious metal IRA is a self-directed IRA that allows you to invest in precious metals with a guaranteed ROI (return on investment). You can pick and choose what to purchase and place under your self-directed IRA, including gold and silver. If you are going to invest in this type of IRA, be specific about what the IRA holds and what backs it. You should also know that this type of IRA is a pre-tax investment, which means that you will have to pay taxes on it during the time you have it, and you cannot use post-tax funds to fund it.

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