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Make Sure Your Personal Bank Offers These Services

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There are so many banks to choose from these days. It can be tough to decide which one is the best choice for your personal banking needs. The key thing you need to consider, though, is which features a bank offers to make your banking more convenient and secure. At the very least, a good personal bank should offer these services.

Debit Card With No or Low ATM Fees

Most checking accounts come with a debit card, but make sure this is true of your bank before you sign up. Some online-only banks do not issue debit cards, so that's a reason to be sure. Also, check what fees are associated with using the debit card at the ATM. Some banks offer free withdrawals at virtually every ATM because they refund you for any fees charged by the ATM. Others only offer free withdrawals at ATMs owned by their branch. If you rarely withdraw cash from the ATM, a card with low fees at some ATMs might be okay, but if you're a frequent ATM user, it's worth it to look for a bank with zero ATM fees.

Mobile Deposits

Checks are falling out of fashion, but some older folks and more traditional businesses still use them. You probably do not want to have to drive to a bank branch just to deposit a check into your account. So, make sure the bank you open an account with has mobile deposit capabilities through their app. (Obviously, you want them to have a mobile app in the first place, too!)

Online Bill Pay

It's very convenient if your bank offers an online bill pay service. This enables you to set up payments in advance so they are automatically withdrawn from your account each month without you having to think about it. You're at far less risk of forgetting to pay a bill with this service being utilized.

Thumbprint or Two-Factor Security

Also, check the security features that the bank has on their mobile banking app. Look for a bank that requires either a thumbprint or two-factor verification to access the app. (Two-factor security often means you have to enter a passcode, and then enter a secondary code that is texted or emailed to you.) This will help ensure your account is kept secure if you ever lose your smartphone.

Keep your eyes peeled for the services and features above when shopping around for a personal bank.

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