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Bail Bond Agents Can Help You Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail

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When your family member has been arrested you want to get them out of jail as soon as you can. You are going to have to wait for your family member to go through the arrangement process first. During that process, the judge will decide whether or not to give your family member the chance to get out on bail. If the judge approves bail, they will set the monetary amount of the bail. At that point, you will either need to come up with the money yourself or go to a bail bonds agency. The bond agency will take a deposit from you, and then they will pay the amount of the bail to the court, which will let your family member get out of jail until their court date. If you are looking for a good bail agent, what should you know?

5% Isn't Real

You may see a lot of signs that say that they offer a 5% bail bond. However, that isn't really something that happens. Most states require the bond agent to take a 10% deposit on a bail bond. There are a few states that have dictated a set fee on bail bonds. There isn't any room to negotiate on the deposit amount, because the amounts are set by law. So, if a bond agent is telling you that you can get a bond for only 5% of the bail, be wary, and consider going to a different agent. 

Check About Collateral

In general, you are going to need to put up some kind of collateral. The point behind the collateral is that if your family member doesn't show up for their court date, the bond agent can recover the costs on your family member's bail, including having to send out recovery agents, if necessary. Depending on the amount of the bail bond, what the collateral is will vary. It could be something like your car or your house. However, there may be some bonds where you won't have to put up some collateral. Talk to the bond agent to see what they have to say. The bonds that won't need collateral are more likely to be on the lower end, for less serious crimes, and for people who have a very low chance of flight. 

If your loved one has gotten arrested, they may be able to get bail. You can talk to a bail bond agent to get the bail necessary to get your loved one out.